Talent & Growth
Shelly Lipson

Shelly looks at recruiting as an opportunity to help people, make an impact within a company, work directly with people, and never see blood on the job (she grew up thinking she was going to become a doctor). 


Parker and Lynch

Shelly started her recruiting career in Executive Search. The job felt natural to her; she enjoyed building connections and partnerships, understanding team dynamics, and working through challenges with hiring managers. 


Shelly specifically focused on Online Safety, Security Engineering, and Privacy as a Technical Sourcer at Facebook. While there, she built out brand new teams and led diversity and inclusion for security. 

The work Shelly enjoys most is getting to know her candidates, understanding how they think, what is important to them, and how they make decisions.


Problem-solving from the start

At TheGP, Shelly has worked on multiple startup projects in their formation stages. She’s an expert at creating recruiting infrastructure, running interview and candidate pipelines, and coaching founders on how to sell equity effectively. 

Being hyper-organized

Shelly’s ability to context switch—whether it's building out recruiting processes from scratch or coaching founders directly—comes from her organization. Ultimately, this creates very candidate-centric processes for all of our portfolio companies, placing the right people in the right roles at the right companies. 

Getting to know people

Shelly likes to understand what intrinsically motivates people, what certain people are looking to build, and how they can reach their goals.