Talent & Growth
Nazia Mastan

Nazia approaches recruiting with a fascination for the human psyche. She’s always had a passion for deeply understanding what makes people tick, what drives them to achieve, how teams develop into high-functioning organizations, and then how those teams grow into generational companies.



Nazia was one of the youngest sourcers at VMWare, where she developed a niche in infrastructure software recruiting. Nazia helped build vCloud Air, VMware’s modern approach to portable cloud infrastructure for their hybrid-cloud team at VMware, a pillar to their product portfolio. 


Nazia built out several teams for bleeding-edge infrastructure projects at Facebook, including the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), Connectivity Labs, CDN (Content Delivery Network), and Software Defined Network on FBOSS, Facebook’s fully abstracted networking layer powering their entire ecosystem. 


As the first Technical Sourcer at Slack, Nazia focused on building high-priority engineering teams, and later moved into Executive Search. While there, she led a small army of scrappy Sourcers who hired for hard-to-fill and first-of-kind roles in order to push product key products forward. 

For Nazia, the work she enjoys most as a builder is when she’s able to effectively grow successful, happy, and passionate teams alongside founders.  



Nazia loves to have deep conversations with decorated executives on things like why they turned down certain startup offers, or why they’ve chosen to lead teams of over 1,000 people. 

Hunting for data

Nazia loves working to ensure that hiring managers understand metrics, candidate lifecycle milestones and that they have a thorough game-plan on how to close the right candidate for their organization and team. The hunt for data, information, and a deep alignment is equally as important to me as a startup’s product-market fit.

Being a connector

Nazia really enjoys finding affinity between people, ideas and projects. She always makes a concerted effort to understand what a candidate is intrinsically looking for, and from that point on, she becomes an advocate for that person. The more niche the role, the happier her hunting is and the more value she can bring to the table.