Talent & Growth
Kristopher Kostelecky

Kris pivoted from studying Health Science in college to a career researching emerging technologies and innovative market landscapes. He’s intrinsically motivated by learning new domains and has a particular affinity for due diligence, investment research, and technical recruiting. 


The Pre-med start

Kris thought he wanted to be a doctor, so he studied Pre-med in college and even took the MCAT. But after deciding he didn’t want to pursue medical school in the end, he still knew that he wanted to apply his interest in research to his professional career. 

Apex Leaders

Kris got his start in recruiting by supporting middle-market private equity and venture capital firms globally in their qualitative due diligence practice. While at Apex Leaders, Kris discovered that he excelled in the world of market research and technical sourcing. 

For Kris, the work he enjoys most as a builder is when the culmination of small changes results in large-scale success. The right person, or the right network, at the right time can be monumental.


Embracing the academic

Kris looks at recruiting as an academic pursuit, and he enjoys the constant learning environment. He’s good at staying on top of different industries, learning new terminology, and understanding unfamiliar software and systems. 

Making processes more efficient

As Kris builds out engineering leadership teams, he’s constantly focused on making incremental changes that have a big impact on recruiting processes. He is a firm believer that top-to-bottom efficiency is what drives a team’s success.