Talent & Growth
Greg Harezlak

Greg has spent over a decade building technical teams at early-stage startups, scaling big organizations like Facebook and Twitter, and transitioning companies from private to publicly traded. In addition to leading talent teams, Greg specializes in building software that automates processes and improves the efficiency of talent functions. 



Greg was a Senior Technical Sourcer at Twitter, where he sourced folks across revenue, product, and search teams. While at Twitter, he also independently learned JavaScript and started to build out technical productivity tools for the recruiting organization. 


At Facebook, Greg supported the company’s network infrastructure engineering team and continued to develop productivity and analysis tools using Python and JavaScript. While there, he built a full-stack app for recruiters to track pre-screens and a Chrome extension for automating LinkedIn InMail copy. 


Greg was the first recruiter on Aurora’s hardware team. He helped that team grow from 10 to over 100 people, and he eventually managed the sourcing hardware recruiting teams. 

For Greg, the work he enjoys most as a builder is when he’s developing tools to make people’s lives easier and more efficient. 


Thriving in ambiguity

Greg is good at creating systems without clear direction. He is known to create structure, solutions, traction, and measurable success in the work that he’s done scaling technical teams. 

Building solutions-based architecture

Greg wants to help his peers work smarter, not harder. When he sees a flaw in a process or toolset, he excels at coming up with an architectural solution and developing it out with software.