Service for equity

While we invest capital like any other venture capital firm, we earn our value the hard way. We call our model “services-for-equity”—it’s designed to build and scale durable companies that compete at the highest level. 

When you build a company, you face uncertainty from every angle. You need depth in your market. You need operational excellence to solve unique problems. You need the right people in the trenches with you. TheGP team brings unique expertise to the founders we work with. Our builders spent time at Google in the early days, designed Stripe’s recruiting playbook, scaled Coinbase and Square during hypergrowth, and brought tech talent to the White House. They’ve also created companies that found product-market fit, scaled, and earned successful exits. 


The best companies have incredible people, world class products, superior distribution and access to capital. The General Partnership is designed for maximum impact in each of these areas for the select group of founders we serve.


We work in service of our partner's vision and take products from 0-1, navigating a high-velocity search for product-market-fit.


We partner to design, execute and scale Go-To-Market strategies, to accelerate company growth.


We help founders find and hire Top 1% talent and build a hiring strategy that scales as their organization grows.


We invest meaningful capital to amplify our support and grow our share in the success of companies we partner with.

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