Talent & Growth
Tina Tian

Tina is known for her strategic and systematic approach to building talent acquisition teams that fuel the fastest-growing startups. Her strength is building from scratch and transforming recruiting teams into durable and scalable drivers of growth. 



Tina was the first recruiter at the IoT startup Particle, where she first gained experience building the foundations of a recruiting engine. While there, she hired for every role under the sun. She also led expansion and growth by building out the company’s China and Hong Kong operations and teams from scratch. 

Ethos Life

As Head of Talent, Tina grew the fintech startup Ethos Life by hiring across all functions during the company’s early- and mid-stage hypergrowth periods. She ultimately built a talent engine that powered the company to achieve and exceed unicorn status. 


Tina joined Alt as the fintech startup’s Head of People, where she built the foundations of the company’s HR and talent functions. 

For Tina, the work she enjoys most as a builder is when her leadership skills and strategic expertise enable fast-growing startups to transform their recruiting functions and consistently hire the best talent. 


Taking recruiting from 0-1, then scalable to n

At TheGP, Tina leverages all of her skills, from building foundational recruiting practices to developing international offices to hiring for a diverse array of roles. Her work often requires the mental agility to grind through tough times at startups with resilience, flexibility, and curiosity. 

Turning a weakness into a strength

Tina works with our partner company, Dandy, as Interim Head of Technical Recruiting with the goal of establishing the company’s foundational recruiting engine and eventually hiring her own replacement. When she’s doing the work she loves, she’s often building herself out of a job by leaving behind sustainable and high-performing recruiting teams. 

Connecting talent and business strategy

In her work at TheGP, Tina consistently helps our partners strategically plan talent needs to achieve business objectives. From there, she builds the systems needed to hire talent and grow the business.