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Growing up, Dan Hanover always had dental problems. He spent his formative years in and out of dentists’ offices—getting braces, crowns, bridges, the works—where he observed staggering inefficiencies. Dan and his co-founder, Toni Oloko, created Dandy to address those inefficiencies, which span operations, technology, and overhead. Their big vision: A modern operating system for dentists. Dandy ultimately digitizes the dentist’s office, replacing outdated putty impressions and manual paperwork with AI-driven mouth scanners and automated software. Over the past three years, the company has grown from 10 employees to over 800.

Why we partnered

Dandy is building a comprehensive solution for dental practice management, allowing dentists to focus more on patient care. The software handles burdensome administrative tasks like managing insurance claims, payments, and scheduling. Dandy has also built digital mouth mapping technology, so dentists can use Dandy to source veneers, dentures, crowns, and teeth aligners at low prices with fast turnarounds. For patients, this translates into less time in the chair and better-fitting dental products.

After Dandy raised their Series A, Dan fatefully connected with another founder in our portfolio, Anjney Midha, who founded Ubiquity6 (acquired by Discord). Dan asked Anjney how he had built and scaled Ubiquity6 so quickly. Was it by developing specific systems? Processes? Tools? Branding? “It was none of those things,” Anjney said. “I just used TheGP.”

Throughout our partnership with Dandy, one of our main priorities was scaling their tech recruiting process. TheGP’s David Watson provided the guidance Dandy needed to think through their technical build, as well as how they should structure their engineering organization from the ground up. Tina Tian then foundationally changed the trajectory of Dandy’s team, making ~40 key hires across engineering, product, and design over 12 months.

What we built together

David started by advising Parker Self, Dandy’s Head of Engineering, on how to structure an infrastructure team, how to build a platform group, how to build out a product engineering group, and how to evaluate high-level ICs.

“David actually interviewed all of the staff and senior staff engineers that we hired to get a sense of level and trajectory,” Parker said. “He was the driving force behind us hiring our first senior staff infrastructure engineer, which basically helped us mature from the latent startup stage where we were running on Heroku to a best-in-class setup where we now run on Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform.”

But as Dandy started to scale more and more in 2021, it became clear that the team needed a repeatable system for hiring world-class talent, especially on the engineering side. At this critical juncture, Dandy asked Tina to step in as interim Head of Technical Recruiting. She agreed to take on the challenge. Over the course of the next quarter, Tina worked long hours and late nights to hire 21 EPD folks, including 13 engineers, vastly improving the team’s interview efficiency. She also hired her permanent replacement, Calvin Liu-Navarro, who is now Dandy’s full-time Head of Technical Recruiting.

“When I think about what has been the most dramatic shift over the last year, it has been on the tech side,” said Dan Hanover. “In the past year, the number of engineers on our team has thanks to TheGP. That means that the capacity we have as a technology team is just a different order of magnitude now.”

On the tech side, David helped Dandy build out software that integrates with dental practice management systems. Over the past two years, David also worked on an AI-powered tool that allows Dandy to design 3D crowns faster—and with more accuracy—which allows the company to deliver higher quality crowns to dentists at a cheaper price.

“Two years ago, if I had tried to build out an AI function or department without TheGP, I wouldn’t have really known what to look for,” said Dan Hanover. “But within two weeks of partnering with TheGP, we were connected with pretty senior AI folks that really jumpstarted our ability to explore and build out that space.”

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