Product & Engineering
Steven Li

Steven is fascinated by how technology can positively impact people. He’s worked extensively within the Web3 ecosystem and on many engineering teams at both big companies and fast-growing startups.



Steven joined Coinbase through an acquisition and later worked on products such as Coinbase Prime, Custody, and many Web3 initiatives. 

Blockchain & Web3

Steven has been an early adopter of Web3, having taught various coding bootcamps on Solidity when Ethereum first became mainstream. He has contributed code to many DeFi protocols and has been an active technical advisor at early-stage Web3 startups.

For Steven, the work he enjoys most is contributing to a product that creates an impact for its customers and figuring out the technical aspects required to bring that product to life. 


Being hands-on

Steven enjoys working directly with founders to create amazing products for the customers they serve. As a builder, he likes figuring out the hard technical challenges needed to bring products to market.

Blockchain expertise

Steven’s penchant for blockchain and Web3 technology helps him evaluate how useful a product is to people. Having contributed to protocols and blockchains such as Aave, Near, Aurora, and Cosmos, he brings perspective on both the success and failures of Web3 applications. With that, Steven is able to understand which products might have a lasting demand and traction within Web3, especially from a technical standpoint.