Product & Engineering
Marcus Gosling

Marcus specializes in designing and bringing new software products to life. For him, the thrill of building early-stage companies comes from working in the trenches alongside great engineers and business people, solving new and interesting problems and opportunities, and working closely with customers and end-users.



Marcus helped Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, Intel, Kodak, AT&T and Reuters expand their offerings through user-centered design and experience prototyping.


Marcus co-founded and led user-experience at social metaverse startup IMVU, today a top-5 grossing social app with over $100M in annual revenue from virtual goods sales.


As VP of Design at Rypple (acquired by Salesforce and rebranded to, Marcus helped pioneer a new approach to employee goal-setting, feedback, and recognition inspired by modern social software. 


As co-founder and founding head of product, Marcus launched five private company software products, including LTSE Equity and a suite of capital markets infrastructure tools serving long-term public companies and investors.

Marcus sees software as ‘21st-century alchemy’ that allows small, fast-moving teams to have an outsized impact on billions of people around the globe.


Getting out of the building

In his work, Marcus avoids copying existing product experiences or UI patterns by going straight to the source—people. He believes in getting to know the people you are building for and the importance of establishing long-term relationships with customers for ongoing product discovery and feedback. 

Crossing the aisle

Marcus is comfortable wearing many hats and doing what it takes to build a great company and get great products off the ground. For him, this usually means partnering closely with great engineers, business folks, and marketing professionals. 

Solving interesting new problems

Whether he’s working on an avatar-based 3D social network, a pyrotechnic show choreography tool, the design of a new stock exchange, or a crypto gaming NFT marketplace, Marcus excels at building new types of software where no existing playbook or established patterns exist.