Go to Market
Ross Wiethoff

Ross has been in sales his entire career. He’s worked in almost every role across the field, from Sales Development to VP of Sales. For him, that experience has helped him understand how to maximize customer satisfaction while also optimizing sales processes. 


Square (Block)

Ross worked alongside the global head of sales to launch the sales team and saw it grow to over 75 employees and several sales functions in its first year. From there, Ross became the go-to person for launching “new startups” within Square’s sales organization. He developed Square’s first outbound sales process and grew revenue from $0 to $45 million in two years while leading a team of over 30 people. He also launched Square’s first e-commerce, field sales, and outbound sales teams, implementing a strategy that is still in effect at the company today. 


Ross helped build the foundation for Compass’s inside sales team, which included sales strategy and processes. While there,  he developed an outbound lead generation strategy and led a team of 35 across the US.

For Ross, the work he enjoys most as a builder is when he gets to make an impact at a critical stage in a company’s lifecycle. 


Identifying growth opportunities

Ross takes a lot of time upfront to understand the companies he partners with, as well as the industry they’re in. After identifying what’s working and not working, he excels at identifying how to test different opportunities in the market and gain critical insights that help inform lead generation strategies. 

Understanding people

Ross prioritizes talking with prospective and current customers in order to learn and understand how to make an impact on their business. As a result, he’s gained deep experience in creating go-to-market strategies and sales processes across a huge amount of products, segments, and verticals.