Go to Market
Danny Oliveri

As a Partner at TheGP, Danny brings over 20 years of sales and sales management experience, specializing in driving early-stage companies through periods of hyper-growth. 



Danny joined The General Partnership from Oracle, where he most recently led the North America sales team for monetization solutions. 

SilverTail Systems

Danny drove global sales at SilverTalk Systems, and his team delivered more than 10X annual sales growth year-over-year, establishing the company as the leading provider of predictive analytics for Internet fraud detection and prevention. 

The acquisitions

Danny has held sales management positions for companies through six acquisitions, where he put products on the map by assisting organizations as they scaled their go-to-market efforts. 

For Danny, the work he enjoys doing most is when he’s teaching founders “how to fish.” This means rolling up his sleeves when it comes to sales methodology and showing founders how to run their company from start to finish. 


The GTM education

At TheGP, Danny leads the go-to-market team and gives founders the best education when it comes to the art and science of GTM strategies. His specialty is helping founders actually move the needle in terms of revenue, product-market-fit, structuring deals, and negotiating terms. 

Teaching founders how to overcome the impossible

Startups usually fail, but Danny helps founders take accountability for the growth of their company. Danny excels at coaching startup founders to act in ways that drive successful conversations, make deals count, elongate their shelf life as leaders, and retain control over their business.