Product & Engineering
Lilian Caylee Wang

Lilian is a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in simplifying complex concepts. After graduating from Dartmouth, Lilian started her career in product management before finding where she now feels most at home: design. Beyond building products, Lilian loves to explore design in other mediums, including handbag design, figure sketching, and writing about the intersection of culture and philosophy.



Lilian worked at LinkedIn as part of the small and scrappy team in the company’s first-ever San Francisco office (it was one modest floor in a rented office building on Howard Street). While there, she worked with a stellar team of editors and engineers to build LinkedIn’s publishing platform from the ground up.


Lilian joined Gusto as the first IC designer on the Benefits team, working alongside a team of advisors to craft the best experience for both small businesses, employers, and employees looking to select healthcare and financial benefits. 


Lilian broke ground as the first official designer on Stripe’s support experience and developer documentation team. While there, she worked towards a multi-year vision, pushing the bounds and edges of developer experiences. 

Lilian enjoys solving problems and discovering user needs, which she believes is at the heart of product design.


A little of everything

Lilian’s zigzag career has given her experience in almost every part of the product development process, especially product management and user research (which she’ll always have a soft spot for). 

Diving in deep

Lilian excels at getting her hands dirty and working out the kinks in a new and nebulous space.

Moving fast

Lilian’s working style lends itself to getting things done, learning quickly, and evolving product thinking in short, continuous cycles.