Anthony Kline

Anthony (AK) believes the best outcomes are achieved by outliers in your network. As a Partner at TheGP, he's built his career attuning to market trends and individual stories to orchestrate how people and investments work together.


The recruiting jumpstart

AK graduated during the financial crisis and witnessed offers in corporate development evaporate overnight. He fell into a talent acquisition role at Riviera Partners, a boutique search firm in San Francisco that supported venture capital firms in scaling out their recent investments. Everything happens for a reason. AK’s first projects included scaling the core engineering and product teams of the first-generation web 2.0 companies: Cloudera, Zendesk, SumoLogic, Groupon, AngelList, and AppDirect.


After three years supporting various founders as an early member of Riviera Partners, he realized his future was as an operator at a high-growth company. He joined AppDirect as their Head of Talent and helped them scale from a few dozen people in SF to 600+ employees globally. 


In 2015, Sequoia Capital approached AK about a role at one of their latest investments, Stripe. The young payments startup was on the verge of tremendous growth and seeking someone to support its founders and executive team in scaling out their respective orgs. Over the next three years, he scaled the leadership teams across engineering, product, partnerships, finance, and legal. He later worked to scale the M&A process before he was recruited to join the founding team at Sweat Equity Ventures.

For AK, the most satisfying part of building is seeing the pieces come together.


Building meaningful connections

AK maintains his extensive network of excellent builders to uncover new investment opportunities and support TheGP's founders in achieving their goals. He believes that identifying the right people for the right opportunity is one of the most valuable things we can do for the companies and people we support.

Incubating ideas

It all starts with an inspired, spontaneous idea! AK helped incubate Sardine and Garage at TheGP, as well as several other investments. Staying up on trends, investing time with those transitioning from employee to founder, and being in a prepared state to invest has the potential to define the future of the portfolio. 

Bridging talent

The main goal is not to complicate the already difficult life of our founders. AK has figured out how to accelerate progress across multiple vectors from over a decade of operating experience.