Talent & Growth
Anthony Kline

Anthony (AK) is a talent hunter who thrives in fast-paced startup environments. He’s built his career on representing people’s stories, research, and staying up on industry trends in order to orchestrate how people and investments work in concert.


The recruiting jumpstart

AK got his start in recruiting by building the core teams of startups like Cloudera, Zendesk, AngelList, and Groupon.


As Head of Talent, AK scaled with AppDirect as it grew to over 600 people across four continents and nine countries, with a billion-dollar valuation. While there, AK hired and trained his own team of recruiters, gained experience in international hiring, and expanded his recruiting expertise beyond engineering into product, go-to-market, finance, legal, and operations.


Anthony was an early member of Stripe’s recruiting team and was tapped to hire engineering, risk, security, and finance leaders across the company. In fact, AK hired many of the executive teams at the helm of products we see coming out of Stripe today. Anthony also co-designed Stripe’s acquihire recruitment playbook.

For AK, the work he enjoys most as a builder is when he figures out the hiring puzzle. When the pieces fit, new technologies get built.


Bringing in core leaders

AK excels at recruiting core leaders for our portfolio companies and advises our founders on organizational building.

Incubating ideas

AK helps TheGP evaluate new investment opportunities and he’s written the initial investment thesis for some of our portfolio companies, including Sardine and Garage.

Remaining hands-on

AK is always (always) trying to find the right people for the right company. As we’re scaling TheGP, he’s at the center of recruiting our team of builders. If there’s a personnel issue with one of our portfolio companies, he’s on the phone to help work through the challenge.