Jan 31, 2023

The AI Literacy Project

by Ben Cmejla

2022 was the year generative AI escaped the lab. Products like chatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney gave millions of builders a glimpse into an inevitable future—one where human-computer collaboration will completely overhaul how we work and redefine what it means to build fast. 

At TheGP, we’ve talked to researchers, founders, prototypers, and enthusiasts experimenting with LLMs to radically shift their professional and personal work. We’ve been inspired by Linus Lee’s exploration of novel LLM interfaces, Harrison Chase’s rapid deployment of the LangChain python library, and Sam Whitmore’s creative and surprising approaches to prompt design. Internally, our team is using fine-tuned models to amplify our recruiting work, writing prompts to help generate Typescript types, and building new playground environments to write better SQL. While we’re just starting to explore how AI will fit into our work, it’s increasingly clear to us that the best teams will be building differently by the end of this year. 

In fact, these teams are already hiring AI-literate builders. “Prompt Engineers” and “Prompt Librarians” are part of an emerging job class that crafts prompts, combines big models with other tools, fine-tunes, figures out how to compress context, recovers from errors, measures improvements, and has a strong intuition for what big model pipelines can and can’t do. 

Does this describe…you? If so, we’d love to meet. Over the next few weeks, we’re looking to speak with creative hackers and rapid prototypers who are already playing this role across any part of engineering, product, or design. How are you making LLMs more accessible? Where are you applying AI tooling specifically? What does your library of tools look like? Have these tools helped augment your day-to-day work? Have they made you more creative? More productive? 

If you’re thinking through any of these questions, we’d love to learn about your work. Please feel free to reach out to our investment team via Twitter or email:

Ben Cmejla

Twitter: @bencmejla

Email: ben@thegp.com

Phin Barnes

Twitter: @phineasb

Email: phin@thegp.com 


Twitter: @thegp

Ultimately, we hope to gather a collection of these “under the hood” insights from various builders and publish them publicly for even more builders to learn from. We’ve already met a lot of talented folks doing these hands-on-the-keyboard experiments, and we’re trying to figure out how we can best support (and grow) this group. 

Image generated with Midjourney. Prompt: "prompt engineer toolkit, orange knolling, knolling layout, deconstruction, highly detailed, depth, many parts, lumen render, 8k, --ar 3:2"

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